Uncommon Internship

My Whole Life For His whole Kingdom

Biblical leadership is rooted in instruction, mentorship and deployment. Moses, Jesus Christ and The Apostle Paul all modeled this method. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:9, “The things which you learned and received (instruction) and heard and saw in me (mentorship), these do (deployment) and the God of peace will be with you.” Similarly to Joseph, Esther, Daniel and Luke, you are called to play a redemptive role in the fulfillment of The Cultural Mandate (Genesis 1:28). Though the empowerment of The Holy Spirit, young people determined to live with integrity, work with excellence and as servant leaders, will transform the communities around them.

In Year One of Uncommon, we leverage weekly facilitated group discussion about Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine and Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth, in order to immerse our students in doctrine, apologetics, systematic theology and christian worldview. We’ve strategically chosen these resources so that students understand ‘What We Believe’, ‘Why We Believe It’ and ‘How We Should Live In Response’.


In Year Two of Uncommon we build off of the foundation that has been built in Year One. In year one, students have given themselves to daily devotion, mentorship, church service, church membership, baptism and deepening their understanding of doctrine, apologetics, systematic theology and christian worldview. As they continue to develop their devotion, practice mentorship and church service, we build on this foundation, with a weekly facilitated group discussion about Dr. Tim Keller and Dr. Ed Clowney's Preaching Christ In A Post-Modern World podcast. This podcast helps students truly be able to identify Christ in scripture and apply Christ, to their own lives and the lives of an onlooking world. This podcast and group discussion also focuses in pre-suppositional apologetics and engaging with culture in regard to The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Year Two Uncommon Interns should expect a slightly higher work load than Year One Uncommon Interns, because in addition to the facilitated group discussion on Preaching Christ In A Post-Modern World, they also must select one of four tracks: Ministry, Worship Ministry, Media, or Missions. Each track has specifically curated resources to aid in students growth in understanding The Gospel and then translating it to the world around them. Additionally, Year Two Uncommon Interns play a supplemental role in mentorship for our Year One Uncommon Interns and are given additional ministerial responsibilities to help them apply what they are learning. 

Real world application comes through serving their local church, ministering at their schools, jobs and extracurricular activities and building relationships in a God honoring way. Upon acceptance to Uncommon, students are placed in a service role at a local church. Some examples include: Children's Ministry, Middle School Ministry called Launch, Youth & Young Adult Ministry called Encounter, Tech & Sound, The Creative Team, The Worship Team, local missions and various outreach events.


Uncommon students are mentored by the Pastoral Staff and Leaders at Redeemer Church (or their home church), including Uncommon Directors Pastor Josh Moore in Albany and Pastor Tim Nicolette, who directs Uncommon at the Utica Campus. The required four hours of monthly mentorship is an invaluable resource to Uncommon students, and is often one of the most influential pieces of this program.

Lastly, Uncommon also leverages special events, such as Encounter Conference and an optional missions trip to the Dominican Republic during the summer following their program year, so that our students are equipped and encounter God in a greater capacity.